Elearning Project – Personal Reflection

Here is a link to my project for e-learning.


I did it on the basis of challenge that adults in Scouting have to learning new skills – especially scouting engineering. Knots area normally the stumbling block but understanding at what you are doing is just as big. The situation that I see at the moment is that most adults will look for a “user manual” instead of understanding what is going on. If you understand what is going on you will question things like “Can I do this better?”, “What happens if I have a problem with…” I really struggling with the understanding of the design. I also realised that some of these projects take more time than you actually think so there is a huge need for better time management on my behalf.



Think you know!?

The lecture on Website design was a bit of an eye opener for me. I have designed a number of websites but as I was self thought I never reasoned why I did certain things and as a result I cut corners! The main learning was on alternative text for images. I NEVER put that tag on an image as it seemed redundant.

Speaking of think you know, I use a very useful website from the UK to teach Young People about online safety. We don’t have an equivalent in Ireland but these are willing to help with advice. Check out https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/

Anyone for Coffee?

It is sad to say that I have had a coffee machine in my kitchen for two years and never learnt how to use it! Part of the reason was that I didn’t know how to and another was that I didn’t want to poison myself by messing up! So I took this opportunity to learn how to use it for both a practical example of an interactive device and also a chance to make “good coffee” at home! 

On my first inspection I noticed that is was a “Mister Cappucino” and that was my first learning, I was misleaded by the big coffee pots into thinking that it was just a filtered coffee maker. It has three distinct parts: A filter coffee maker, an expresso maker and a milk frother. There was also a water well in the back that you need to fill for the expresso maker that also missed my observations to date.

Feedback is pretty much made up of a sequence of noises aswell as a number of lights on buttons under each pot. The glass pots are misleading in their light feel to being very heat resistant.

The device was very usable after the initial threat of knobs and buttons. I managed after no real effort to make the filtered coffee. The Cappucino was not as easy. This is where the device could be improved upon. There was no real guide on how long to let the milk froth and depended a lot on your ability to recognise when the milk was ready. Recovery from making mistakes are also not easy and resulted in me using up more milk and more aborted attempts! 

Thankfully I did not have the experience of breaking it as it seems to be pretty durable but from what I found out by research that you have to send off for broken parts!

All in all, this was a positive experience and a success in my advances in domestic engineering! 🙂

Educational Blogs

1. http://www.teachwatts.com/

I find this blog good because it is a teacher given practical and experiential learning. She also gives posts that are seasonal to the particular needs of teachers such as Starting back, summer time

2. http://blog.ted.com/

This is a blog from the TED talks website. I use it to look up topics and see what people have said about them.

3. @SirKenRobinson

This twitter feed is a useful steer to other resources and topics from Sir Ken Robinson. He shares his thoughts on every day topics but also retweets others that he feels are useful to followers

4. http://officialandroid.blogspot.ie/

I find this blog useful for keeping up to date with changes with android. There are also very useful helps with things that I haven’t even come across yet.

5. http://www.graphic-design.com/

I am self taught in a lot of Computer programs and this site helped me a lot when I was getting my head around programs like Photoshop. It is very handy to hear what are the tips and tricks that people are using with software.